Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Arkansas Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving we took a trip to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit with Nate's family. It was wonderful to have a break from work, moving, and the general craziness that is our life. We stayed with Nate's grandparents (aka Nana and Poppy) who live less than 5 minutes from Nate's uncle. Nate spent some time hunting with Uncle David and playing ultimate frisbee with his cousin Whitney, while I enjoyed catching up with Aunt Vanessa and reading a couple books. Overall it was a very relaxing time of playing board games, going to the movies (twice), watching football, shopping, and eating delicious food. We were very blessed to be there.

Nate took his uniform so we could get some pictures with the family. Here are a few:

The two of us

Us with Nana and Poppy

The whole gang

As an aside, if you could pray for Uncle David, Aunt Vanessa, Whitney, and Cameron (their son who's studying abroad in Austria and will be home in a few days) it would be greatly appreciated. We had a fire going in the fireplace Friday evening and got a call from Aunt Vanessa after she had dropped us off at Nana and Poppy's for the night that their house was on fire. Apparently the chimney caught on fire and the second story of their house was all burnt up. I'm not sure how much from the first floor was salvageable, but the house was a loss. Praise God that no one was hurt. Thank Him that they are resting in Him and leaning not on their own understanding. They truly have their eyes set on eternal things. Pray for wisdom as they work through moving forward, that they and others would grow closer to the Lord, and for continual peace and trust in their Savior.

Hope y'all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Our First Jacksonville Home

I promised pictures, so welcome to our home :)

In love with my kitchen

Not in love with Puma's favorite place

Looking from the living room toward the kitchen. The door on the left is the pantry, the middle is the front door, and the one on the right is the laundry room.

A grown-up laundry room with big girl washer and dryer :)

Looking into the living room from the kitchen

Our dining room table from the living room

Left side of the living room

Right side of the living room

Not the best picture, but I love seeing the pool lit up every night out our living room window :)

Daisy's favorite past time

Our bathroom has a garden tub! It's huge and I love it :)

Walk-in closet

Our bedroom

Thanks for visiting, come again soon!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Our last days in Quantico

After 6 long months of training, TBS is finally over!!! They finished out with a few field exercises that you can read about in the final newsletter, Warrior Day, and Graduation!

Warrior Day was basically family day for TBS. Nate's brother, Zach, came down for the festivities and we had a blast shooting the M16, SAW, and grenade launcher! I thought the grenade launcher was the coolest :) We also got to watch Nate demonstrate the obstacle course and monkey around in different vehicles the Marines use (helicopters, amphibious assault vehicles, mine resistant ambush protetcted vehicles, etc.). It was a really fun day and a great way to wind up TBS. I can't get the pictures to upload right now, but they're all up on my facebook page so check them out there!

Novemever 4th was the much awaited graduation day!!! After 6 months of late nights, earlier mornings, hours of weekend work, and weeks out in the field we were both happy to see it come to an end. We're going to miss everyone who isn't headed to NC and it'll take some adjusting to be farther from home, but we're glad to be moving on to our next adventure...the "promised land" of the fleet.

After graduation we were crazy with finishing up packing, spending time with our families, enjoying the En-Tice-Ment annual bonfire, and finally loading up the truck and driving to Jacksonville. We arrived at our new apartment safe and sound Monday and have since been getting settled in. Nate checked into his new unit Tuesday and our apartment is pretty much put together. I'll post pictures of our new home soon! Hopefully we'll go exploring this weekend and figure out this new place.

All our love, from NC ♥