Thursday, May 26, 2011


We have not fallen off the face of the earth. Promise.

We have...
  • Celebrated Easter with my family. They came to visit RI Easter weekend.
  • Spent time with my sister before she heads to TX (she came up a few days before the rest of the fam).
  • Attended a coffee house/auction to support a friend's mission trip to India.
  • Bought a new (to us) car! We bought a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder as our second car.
  • Spent a long weekend in MA celebrating Jenna V's birthday which included a trip to Maine (Jaime).
  • This past weekend Jenna B came to visit! We did the cliff walk (for the final time) and Jaime and Jenna went to Block Island (Sunday) and spent Monday in Boston doing the Freedom Trail.
  • Found a house to rent for a few months until base housing is ready.
  • Started preparing for Cat's bridal shower.
  • Worked on finishing up school and online classes that need to be complete shortly after we get to NC (Nate).
It's been a little busy.


Graduation is TOMORROW!

So the craziness continues.

We'll be leaving RI right after graduation and making our way to MD. We'll be in MD for the long weekend, complete with a wedding, a birthday party, and visiting with family. Then Tuesday we make our way to NC!!!

Nate's excited to be done with training for a while.

I'm excited for the beach.

Now that we'll a) live like normal people without homework and b) live at the beach, we do have one small request...