Friday, June 24, 2011

We bought $100 worth of gift certificates for $9.50 at! Go see what restaurants are in your area between now and the end of the month, enter the code "KRAZY" at checkout, and get 80% off! It's normally $10 for a $25 gift certificate (there's usually a $35 minimum purchase at the restaurant), but with the coupon you get it for $2!!! So get the coupon, go out, enjoy some awesome food, spend just over $35 and pay only $12. I'm excited and you should be too :)

In other news, we have our first visitor this weekend!!! Nate's mom is coming down for a long weekend and we're excited to show her our new home :) Hope you enjoy your weekend too!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pics from Graduation in Newport

Nate graduated 7th in his aviation supply class up in Newport! Here are some pictures from that day (our last one in Newport). Better late than never!

Me and Nate

Nate with some of his classmates and Stacy

Stacy, Candie, and Me

Quarter Century and 3 Years!

Within the past week we've celebrated both my 25th birthday and our 3rd anniversary!

I thought 25 would be a "scary" birthday. It's a birthday that you realize is on the horizon for a few years, but you can take comfort in the fact that (for now) you're still in your early 20's. As of the 16th I've officially entered my mid-20's, but so far a quarter of a century really isn't looking so bad from here :) I spent my day receiving lots of love from family and friends. Thanks for all the messages, cards, gifts, and calls. I really felt special. Nate even made me a cake (complete with candles) and sang to me! I had my nails done during the day and we went down to Wrightsville Beach that evening for dinner. All in all, it was a great day and I really don't feel any older!

Tuesday Nate and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! It's hard to believe where we've been in the last 3 years, but they've been the best 3 years of my life :) Nate was exhausted from a night of duty so we just stayed in. Our gift to ourselves this year was a gas grill which we used to grill some filet mignon and shrimp. I steamed some crabs and we had ourselves a feast :) And every year I make Nate a "replica" of his grooms cake. The rental house doesn't have the right pans so I had to improvise. Surprisingly, it doesn't look bad and is as delicious as always! Enjoy some pictures from our special day. We're looking forward to many years of special days to come :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Surf City, NC

Surf City is our new home for the next few months until we get a house on-base. We've done an island hop from Aquidneck Island in RI to Topsail Island in NC.

To say I love our new home would be an understatement.

The house were renting is 3 times as big as the "cottage" in RI. Daisy is loving the room to run around and play. I'm loving the dishwasher, the increase in pots and pans, the bed that doesn't sink towards the middle, 2 bathrooms, a dining room table, and just generally more room to put our stuff. Nate's loving that we found the XBOX 360 at the front of storage. Having 2 weeks of leave to play it was a nice perk too.

But, the best part?

We live approx. 662 ft. from the beach on the Atlantic Ocean!!!

I am in HEAVEN.

We take Daisy to the beach for walks in the evening, I've been there every weekend, and with enough motivation I could go during the week for my lunch break! There's even an ocean kayak here for us to use. Plus, being on a very narrow island provides many a fishing spot for the mister.

Not many people get to live in the place of their dreams (even if only for a few months) and I've wanted to live at the beach for as long as I can remember. God truly knows the desires of his children's hearts and often fulfills them in ways that we never could have imagined. If I had spent my life trying to get here, I probably would still be working toward that end. But instead I followed Him and ended up right where I wanted to be without even trying. Amazing how that works...