Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daisy Mae

We finally got a puppy...8 and a half weeks ago. Terrible bloggers, I know. But we figure you'll forgive us when you see how cute she is :)

On July 31, 2010 we welcomed a rescued beagle puppy into our home. She was between 10 and 12 weeks old and we named her Daisy.

Our first day with her

She is very sweet and loves absolutely everyone. Definitely not a guard dog. And her adoration for people is very much second behind her love of other animals. So, if anyone is ever looking for a puppy playdate she'd be thrilled.

She was so little!

She has been such a joy and has surprised us in so many ways. We had her housebroken in about 2 weeks. She knows to go to the door and hit her leash (which hangs on the knob). She'll start whining and jumping around like a crazy dog if you ignore her and if you're out of the room, she'll come and get you. She rarely chews on things that aren't hers (though she did wreck havoc on several XBOX accessories) and loves all of her toys. We figured she'd only like one of her toys or prefer an old sock, but we were wrong. The first time we threw a ball for her she brought it right back. The older she gets the less she brings things back, but hey I guess she can't be perfect. She absolutely LOVES to be outside and chew on sticks.

Daisy's first hiking adventure ~ she loved it!

The drive home ~ she didn't like cars at first, but she's getting better. She prefers to be going fast and whines if you go slow (like 25 mph). I guess she takes after her mama ;)

Post-hiking Daisy aka our little beached whale

As for Puma, well they can co-exist. Daisy loves Puma and follows her around like the proverbial puppy dog. At first all Puma did was hide. She was definitely not a fan, but thankfully she wasn't mean to us. Now she'll play with Daisy, but on her own terms. Puma's favorite way of playing is to hide behind a wall or a door and jump at Daisy as she's looking for her. But, Daisy will just walk right up to Puma, which generally elicits a hiss from Puma. They're pretty hilarious to watch, but overall are doing well together.

Proof of coexistence

Other random facts about Daisy:

  • I'm her favorite person and this makes Nate sad, but I'm with her all day so what do you expect...
  • She has the longest tongue ever!
  • As of now she understands "Sit", "No", "Not yours", "Come here", "Shake", "Lay Down" (if you touch the floor), "Go get it", "Bring it here", "Drop it", and "Let go"
  • Her following said commands is all dependent on if she thinks she has too. For example, if she's running around loose in the tennis courts she doesn't listen to anything
  • She likes to lick hands and feet, which is a great improvement over liking to bite
  • She steals dryer sheets out of the bathroom trash

In a nutshell, that's our pretty pup. We like her! As a friend of ours put it, if our children are as well behaved as our dog we'll be in good shape :)

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