Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October should slow down...

Nate's plans for the next several months are set. He will report to his unit in North Carolina no later than December 3rd, 2010. He's going to try to check-in earlier since he doesn't have a month of leave nor would he want to use it simply because they have nothing for him to do. We assume his unit will send him to the Aviation Supply Officer course that starts January 31st, 2011 in Rhode Island.

As for my plans... well I'd like to go to Rhode Island. I've never been to part of the country and I have the freedom to do it. However, it will be a logistical pain and there are several advantages to just staying put in North Carolina. So here's a list of the advantages.

Advantages of going to Rhode Island
  • Being with my husband
  • Experiencing the Northeast
  • Not having to decide right now if we want to rent/buy in NC
  • No pressure of wanting to find the perfect long term home in just a few weeks
Advantages of staying in North Carolina
  • Able to settle into and get connected to a new church/community
  • Won't have to deal with long term storage
  • Won't have to find a furnished apartment that accepts pets for our move in a few weeks
  • Won't have to find the same housing arrangement in Rhode Island (though I'll have more time to look)
  • Cheaper (assuming Nate lives on base in Rhode Island)
I guess it depends on if I want to put in the work to go to Rhode Island and don't mind being in a transient, homeless kind of state for a few months. It would be nice to just make a last minute decision or even have some time to think about it since school doesn't even start until the end of January. But, alas, the housing arrangements I'm attempting to make for moving in a few weeks are dependent on if I go to Rhode Island or stay in North Carolina.

Too many decisions to make too quickly. What to do, what to do...


  1. I think you and Daisy should stay with us. Then Buster gets a friend all the time! (Just kidding... well, you could, but I don't think you'd want to stay on my couch for months at a time, nor does it really solve your problem). I'm anxious to hear what you decide so I know where to go to visit you :D

  2. I think you should come to NC. In a few weeks I may or may not have a whole new list of crazy things that I will need to plan... things that you have expertise and experience in planning. ;-)

  3. I vote for rhode island, I've always wanted to go there!!!

    so close to jenna.