Monday, October 10, 2011


When we first got married we got a vacuum as a shower gift. It was great to finally have a decent vacuum! It worked wonderfully in our first few small apartments and for the first few years. Now it overheats every time I use it and I have to wait for it to cool down before I can keep going. Suffice it to say that we were in the market for a new vacuum. And Nate just happened to find a deal on a refurbished vacuum online a few weeks ago.

We are now proud owners of a Dyson!

I wasn't supposed to get it until Christmas. But the other vacuum quit yesterday while Nate was using it and I got it early :) The suction on this thing is amazing!!!

We have never been so excited to vacuum! Yay for being an adult and excited about new household appliances :)

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  1. I got a new vacuum about a month or so ago (Hoover Clean-Helix) and was SO EXCITED. So I understand :)