Monday, April 5, 2010

Nate's a Marine!

January 15th my wonderful husband left to embark on a journey to become an officer in the United States Marine Corps. He was at Officer Candidates School (OCS) for 10 long weeks. The purpose of OCS is to "educate, train, evaluate, & screen officer candidates to ensure they possess the moral, intellectual, & physical qualities for commissioning, & the leadership potential to serve successfully as company grade officers in the Operating Forces". Basically it was 10 weeks of being yelled at, exhausted, and (thanks to all the snow) wet and cold. Here are some pictures to give you a glimpse of what goes on at OCS.

For 10 long weeks Nate lived in Quantico and I lived in Parkville. After the 4th week, I was able to visit him on For 10 long weeks Nate lived in Quantico and I lived in Parkveill. After 4 weeks, I was able to go to down to visit on base for a few hours on the weekends. After week 8, we were finally allowed to leave base on Saturday and he didn't have to be back until Sunday. Then on March 26th, he graduated and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the USMC. In just a few hours he went from being a "nasty candidate" to a "Sir".

After graduation and commissioning, he was finally able to come HOME! It was fabulous to be able to spend a full weekend together and to spend it in our home. And it was time to celebrate!

The celebration didn't last too long because we were up early the next day to move to Stafford. It was a long day, but absolutely worth it to live with my husband again. We've been here in Stafford a little over a week and are loving life. Nate's waiting to go into his next training and is getting paperwork and some classes over with in the meantime. I've been putting the apartment together and working from here. My work has been great through all this and is allowing me to work out of our apartment!

Our hope is to keep everyone updated on life here in Stafford or where ever it is the Marines take us! We hope to see ya'll in our new home soon :)

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