Monday, April 19, 2010

Working from Home

Everyone's been asking, "SO, how's working from home?". Well, it definitely has it's difficulties. It's hard to work when the apartment is messy. When you work in an office you leave and can forget about it until you get home. When you work at home it stares at you ALL day! So far Nate has been home for the better part of everyday, which makes it difficult to stay focused, especially when he decides to sit and watch TV. He'll be starting training soon, so that will make working a little easier. However, I think once he's gone all day it'll make working at home lonely. I think I'll have to work from Panera or Starbucks or something just to get out of the house and see other people, even if they're strangers. Also, home is no longer just home. No longer is it just my place of rest and solace. It's also work. At the end of the day rather than falling into my couch and breathing a sigh of relief that the work day is over...I still feel like I'm at work. The only time it really feels like home is on the weekends. This might also be made better when Nate starts training. Hopefully it'll feel like work when he's gone and like home when he's there.

So while working from home has its challenges, it also has its perks. I can sleep in later. I can work in my PJs. I don't have to spend time packing breakfast and lunch. I don't have to deal with traffic. And I can work from anywhere, assuming I have internet access.

Perk of Today:
Last night Nate and I drove to western MD, camped, and this morning Nate is turkey hunting and I'm working from a Panera in Hagerstown. And we're going to camp again tonight! Camping, fire, marshmallows...looking over a beautiful pond, in the mountains...on a Monday...and still being able to work and get paid! How much fun is that?!

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