Thursday, May 13, 2010

And so it begins...

Test numero uno is tomorrow.

If you all could keep Nate in your prayers we would really appreciate it. His first test is tomorrow and, as another Marine put it, it's like the final exam for a 5 credit class that they've had a week to study for. Mainly it's A LOT of information to retain and the test is apparently difficult.

This isn't like OCS where he'll be sent home if he doesn't do well academically, BUT he could get "re-cycled" and have to start the POI all over again. We're really praying that he does well, avoids injury, and can bang this out in one shot. In addition to not wanting to get recycled, how well he does at TBS (where he's ranked out of the ~280 Marines in his company) will play a part in which MOS he gets and how soon he'll get promoted in the future. Talk about pressure.

So please join us in prayer for his ability to retain the information, that he will be able to get a good night's sleep, that he won't rush through the test (it's a chronic problem), and that he would not be anxious (about the test or the intensity of the POI).

Thanks! And we'll be sure to let you know how he does :)

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