Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lifepoint Church and Tun Tavern Fellowship

We're starting to settle in!

We're pretty sure we've found our new church home. We've attended Lifepoint Church the last two weeks and loved it. The worship is great and the pastor is challenging. The messages are both teaching and preaching right from the Word. We've inquired about joining a life group and are excited to get to know people. It's further away than the other churches we've visited (it's also bigger), but Nate likes the distance because the first question we get isn't, "So are you at TBS?" If you'd like you can check it out at www.visitlifepoint.org.

This week we also attended a Tun Tavern Fellowship meeting. Tun Tavern was a tavern in Philadelphia, PA that is traditionally regarded as the site where the USMC held its first recruitment drive. Tun Tavern Fellowship is a network of Christians in the Marine Corps. Sunday evenings they hold a Bible study and fellowship time for a few hours specifically for TBS couples. This week was mainly a meet and greet with other Delta Co. couples, but we're excited to see what a regular Sunday evening is like. It was great to meet other couples who are coming from the same place spiritually and going through the same thing. We also meet a couple from Charlie Co. (they're about a month ahead of Delta in the POI) and a couple from Alpha Co. (they just graduated). They seem like great resources since they've been where we're going. They also have a website if you're interested.

It's refreshing to be making friends and meeting other couples. A group of us wives are actually going to grab lunch together tomorrow, which I'm excited about.

In other news, Nate should receive his tan belt today! Let's just pray that he comes away less any more battle wounds :)

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