Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June is Crazy!

June has been and will always be a CRAZY month!

I went on a cruise to Bermuda for a week, which was amazing! The island was SO beautiful. If it wasn't so expensive to live there, I'd want to move like NOW. I just posted the pictures on facebook. For those of you not on facebook, if you want to see them just comment to this post and I can e-mail them to you :) Here's my favorite picture from the trip.

In June we celebrate my birthday (16th), our anniversary (21st), and Nate's birthday (yesterday the 29th)! All of the celebrations were wonderful and we appreciate all the cards and messages we received! I so nice to feel loved :)

In other news, we bought a new computer for Nate's anniversary/birthday gift. He's pretty excited to not have to deal with the old computer anymore. I'm glad to help prevent an ulcer :) Nate's sister, Tricia, is in town for a few weeks so we spent last Saturday at Six Flags with his family! And on Monday Nate got to shoot "big" guns and throw a hand grenade! I'm a little jealous I couldn't participate :)

Currently we're looking forward to celebrating the 4th with family and having 4 days off! In a row. Nate couldn't be more excited. Enjoy Independence Day and thank the Lord (and a Marine) for our freedom! We'll catch ya'll in July!

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