Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Belts and Medals

Nate has some exciting Marine Corps news that I thought I'd share since he's busy with school...again.

That's the first bit of news, aviation supply school has officially commenced. It's going to be a long, demanding 4 months for our boy, but it'll be spectacular when he finishes. We'll be going back to NC just in time for summer (YAY!) and he'll actually have something to do at work besides twiddle his thumbs.

In other news, last week before we left for Rhode Island Nate tested for the next level belt in MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program). He earned the lowest level belt (tan belt) while at TBS in May and has spent the last few months training for the second level belt, the gray belt. Gray belt techniques expand on the tan belt's basic techniques to include:

* intermediate bayonet techniques
* intermediate upper-body strikes including knife-hands (karate chops) and elbow strikes
* intermediate lower-body strikes including kicks, knee strikes, and stomps
* intermediate chokes, joint locks, and throws
* counters to strikes, chokes, and holds
* intermediate unarmed restraints and armed manipulations
* intermediate knife techniques
* basic ground fighting
* intermediate weapons of opportunity

Needless to say, Nate successfully passed his gray belt exam! He thoroughly enjoys MCMAP and would love to work his way up to a black belt, but is happy to have had time to train up a level while waiting for school. I'm super proud of him and glad he made it through with only a few cuts, scrapes, bruises, and one chipped tooth :)

And finally, on January 6th Nate was awarded the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal! This is awarded for direct support in service to the Global War on Terrorism. He's delighted to have something else beside his "ketchup and mustard stain" that is the National Defense Service Medal. These are both medals that basically everyone's getting right now since we're in a war (for the National Defense) and, particularly, fighting in the Global War on Terrorism. But since not many people are too keen on joining the military during a time of war, I think they've earned it!

I am so overwhelmingly proud of my husband!

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