Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Newport Weekend

We spent this past Saturday exploring Newport. Here's our adventure in picture form :)

We drove along Ocean Avenue, which runs along the southern tip of Newport. The view is beautiful. Definitely makes you want to praise the Creator!

It's a small island, so driving along Ocean Avenue didn't take too long so we headed over to Ft. Adams State Park. The fort is closed until May, but we decided to walk around outside despite the wind!

The huge icicles hanging off the fort wall!

Nate posing by one of the gates :)

A view of the side

The Newport Bridge and Rose lighthouse

A rock that was catching some great waves :)

A house! out on a rock/island! Crazy...right?

Beautiful cemetery behind the fort

Once we'd had enough of the windy fort we headed downtown for lunch. It's an old town, so it's amazing some of the things you'll come across...
Me next to the Old Stone Mill. According to historians it was either constructed by Benedict Arnold in the 1600s as a windmill similar to one in his birthplace, Chesterton, England, or a tower built by the Vikings...

A view down a street of the Wharf (the Cookie Jar on the right has AMAZING cookies)

A sidewalk

Like I said, it's amazing what you find...

It was a really fun day and hopefully some of you can come visit and experience Newport for yourself ;)

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